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Married Not Married and Dependent on Parent(s) Not Married and Independent

SFCC, Bldg 29 | 509-533-3855 | CCS.ChildCareBill@ccs.spokane.edu
SCC, Bldg 20 | 509-533-8287 | CCS.ChildCareBill@ccs.spokane.edu

I hereby certify, under penalty of perjury, that the information that I have provided is true and correct as of this date, to the best of my knowledge. I authorize CCS Child Care Programs and their assigns to have access to any and all financial records necessary to verify the information contained in this application. I agree to notify C-CAMPIS within ten (10) working days of any changes of circumstances regarding information contained in this application. I agree to respect and follow all C-CAMPIS policies and procedures, and complete the C-CAMPIS program Pre, Post Surveys as required.


I understand the discount only applies while I’m in self pay status, based on daily rates (excluding registration fees), and is conditional on verification of my eligibility requirements at the end of each quarter.


I understand I will be asked to complete the form FERPA AUTHORIZATION TO RELEASE INFORMATION FROM STUDENT EDUCATION RECORDS and provide photo ID with my signature to verify my identity.  The form will allow CCS to submit information to the Federal Department of Education CCAMPIS program, funding the child care discount, including demographics, certificate and degree information, GPA, Pell grant eligibility and receipt, and any other information required by the grant.

Funding is limited. Renewal is subject to funds availability and continuation of Pell eligibility on a quarter by quarter basis.  Funds are distributed on a first come, first served basis, with priority given to eligible returning students.

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