STEP-CHILDREN: Must Provide Birth Certificate and Marriage License of Parent and Step-Parent

The Veteran must have a 100% Service-Connected Disability Rating/A Combined Rating would not Apply if the Service-Connected Disability Rating is below 100%. 

  • I understand that I must provide proof of 100% Permanent Service-Connected Disability and Washington State Residency.
  • I understand I must be in Good Academic Standing, and I am Allowed no more than 250 Credits under this Waiver.
  • I understand that, as a Child, the Waiver will Expire on my 26th Birthday.
  • I understand that, as a Spouse, Surviving Spouse, or Domestic Partner I may receive this Waiver up to 10 years from the Date of Death, Total Disability, or Federal Determination of POW or MIA.
  • I understand that I will receive a Quarterly Book Stipend up to $500.00 Per Year, Subject to State Allocations. Book Stipend Funds will be Divided Equally among Academic Terms and Prorated for Part-Time Enrollment. Withdrawing or Not Attending Classes may incur an Overpayment of Stipend.
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What is a Veteran Spouse/Dependent Tuition Waiver?

In support of RCW 28B.15.621, Spokane Falls Community College provides a state tuition waiver to eligible veteran spouses and dependents. The waiver covers operating, building, student & activity tuition fees. Mandatory fees (technology, comprehensive, bus and registration). The waiver does not cover class or course fees. 

Who is eligible?

·        A dependent, spouse, surviving spouse, or domestic partner of a veteran or National Guard member who became totally disabled* while engaging in active federal military service, or navel service who is determined by federal government to be a prisoner of war (POW) or missing in action (MIA).

·        A dependent, spouse, surviving spouse, or domestic partner of an eligible veteran or National

·        Guard member who lost his or her life while engaged in active federal military or naval service.

What are the limitations?

·        The veteran must be a Washington domiciliary, as defined by RCW 28B.15.012 and 28B.15.013, at the time of death or classification as POW or MIA. A dependent must be a Washington domiciliary, as defined by RCW 28B.15.012 and 28B.15.013, between the age of seventeen and twenty-five (inclusive) to be eligible for the waiver. A dependent’s marital status does not affect eligibility.

·        A spouse, surviving spouse, or domestic partner must be a Washington domiciliary, as defined by RCW 28B.15.012 and 28B.15.013. The waiver expires ten years from the date of death, total disability, or federal determination of POW or MIA status of the eligible veteran or upon remarriage, the surviving spouse is ineligible for the waiver.

·        Eligibility is limited to 250 earned credits under the waiver, including transfer credits.

·        Students may not receive the waiver in combination with any other tuition waiver/payment from SFCC, another agency or program.

Textbook and course material stipend:

Students receiving the waiver will also be awarded a quarterly textbook and course material stipend of up to $500 per academic year subject to state allocation. The stipend will be awarded equally each quarter and prorated for less than full time enrollment. Withdrawing or not attending classes may incur an overpayment of stipend. 

Quarterly Deadlines:

Application and supporting documents must be submitted by deadline for full consideration.

*Totally disabled - a person who has been determined to be 100% disabled by the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs.